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We are a Full Gospel Church Ministry who by sharing God’s truth in love. We seek to provide a new beginning by meeting the needs of others less fortunate!

Our vision is to share and educate others about the free gift of Eternal Life through Jesus Christ Our Lord!

In Him

President: Ret. Reverend Hazel Imig


Thy word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path. Psalm 119:105

What Easter Means to Me
A Poem by Ret. Rev Hazel M. Imig

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From the Pastor’s Desk

When i think of so many scriptures in the word of god, i am put in mind of the many times jesus was falsely accused and abused by people who were supposedly in positions of power!! It always seemed to me that the very thing he was being accused of they the accuser was guilty of themselves! Jesus asked at one point, why do you think evil in your heart? Most of the time it was jealousy!! Jealously is one of the most destructive of “human nature”. It can literally destroy a persons life!! It occurs when someone is comparing themselves to someone else or something they feel leaves them out or missing!! Each and everyone of us, at some time in our life has experienced or been a victim of jealousy!! The emotional pain is so hard to deal with when, and if we are a victim of some ones jealousy, or become jealous of some one ourselves. It can fester if we do not turn it over to god in prayer! We all carry around some kind of destructive human emotion that we need to lay down at the foot of the cross through prayer! Those wonderful old songs that one, “oh what peace we often forfeit oh what needless pain we bear” all because we do not carry everything to god in prayer!! My prayer is that, i myself yield to these great words of “wisdom”, for i just recently was a victim, as well as in the past of some ones jealousy!! Father in heaven, i pray you give me the strength to cope and the heart, to not only forgive but to also pray for those who trespass against me and to protect me from all evil !! Amen Ret. Rev Hazel Imig


Ret. Rev Hazel’s Memoirs

I was walking one of our pets the other day! The side walk was covered with snow and as i looked down i remembered something that happened when i was a little girl living in wesleyville. My mother gave me three dimes, “that were very hard to come by for my parents back then” and wanted me to go to the bon bon shop to buy a loaf of bread. It was a cold, dreary, windy, snowy day and the snow was at least a foot high from the sidewalk!! At one point the wind kicked up and flew the one side of my scarf off my shoulder. I instantly grabbed it and threw it back over my shoulder. But as i did i lost a dime, and as i turned around to look for the dime the end my scarf fell again and i lost the remaining two dimes that were in my hand!! Just then i cried out to the lord and asked him to help me!! At that moment i felt something warm on my face, it was the sun it came out from nowhere. I opened my eyes. As i was looking down, i saw three shiny lights that looked liked diamonds in the snow!! They were the dimes that my mother gave me !! Lately i have really been going through the fire{persecution} as the bible calls it. It could really make a person lose their faith, but you would not believe the lift i got when i was taken back by memory to that moment in time, when i reached out to god and experienced a miracle in the snow!! I was a child then, i’m much older now. I’ve gone through life, but that memory reminded me to keep my childlike faith. To try to stand tall and let go and let god!! He didn’t leave me then, he won’t leave me now, none of us. I hope this story helps others for it is a true one, and a testimony that we serve a god who can do any thing!! All it takes is faith !!


From the Garden of Good Old Days

Years ago when it was dinner time, the whole family would sit down at the table. It was a precious moment when every one in the family would join in a conversation with each other!! Sometimes there was laughter sometimes maybe tears! But these moments became memories! The words that were shared were life itself and a foundation to build on! Today there is very little time to all sit down together, the world has forced a change, everyone is going their way. I hope some day they catch up with each other for it has changed so much from the good old days.


Something Lovely, Something True

Christmas was just a few months ago. We celebrated the birth of a little boy who was god in the flesh. He grew up to become a lamb for our sins, and he was!! He, jesus was a gift from god as people say, and it’s true, but i have always felt they left out a word “heart”. Jesus was a gift from god’s heart, and his heart was filed with love for all of us! That is why he was sent! During valentine’s day many of us give each other gifts to those of whom we hold dear to our heart! The giving and receiving on this special day draws us close to each other, and reminds us that we are not our own but belong to someones heart! The love of gods heart is “unconditional” and the most amazing of all loves, even between a man and a women!!! A mother and her children, a father and his son, for we are all a part of god’s loving heart!! It is the most wonderful love of all !! For this is true.


From Your Guardian Angel

Remember that when you here the leaves wrestling in the wind, it may be my wings over you!!!!



A message to our late hero Chris Kyle, we wish to thank you for your service to our country and the numerous lives you saved! You were a great warrior for our country and your fellow man, and unto god be the glory!! For the wonderful person that you were, we love you, rest in peace!!! Amen